Brits abroad

Vienna has more train stations than necessary. After finding out which one I had arrived in, I was pleased to see that my hostel was right across the street. Having arrived at 7am, I couldn’t check into my room, and so left my luggage in the store room, and headed for a walk around a […]

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Knock knock Krakow

I’m not starting this post with a short round up of my journey to the Polish city of Kraków; simply because I’m choosing to never relive my horrendous experience with a night train during a European heatwave and a power cut, with an overly enthusiastic morning wake up call that sounded vaguely like the start […]

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Coffee culture

A typically drizzly British summer time Wednesday morning in Edinburgh city centre led me to find a hidden gem for any coffee or artisan cafe enthusiast. The back lane contemporary  Brew Lab feels special as soon as you spot the selection of pastries through the window. The warm yet edgy aroma is unequivocally what makes the artisan […]

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Tackling the beast

Be it a transatlantic trip or an overnight stay on someones sofa, packing a bag is a tedious, tiring and unnecessarily stressful task. I have downloaded apps that are ‘allegedly’ useful only to be on the verge of throwing my iPhone out of the window countless times. However with a month long adventure around the corner, I thought […]

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Rave rest repent

Stepping off the train in Prague felt like I’d swallowed Lucifer himself. The sun was blazing and my patience with the unhelpful Czech metro staff was rapidly decreasing. The Czech Inn was my accommodation for the next 3 nights. Realising that what ever room I was in was going to be sweltering, I headed over […]

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